Strategic thinking and communication advice for administrations and decision-makers. Conception of strategies, plans and control and monitoring systems, within the scope of global and integrated communication.

› Strategic Advice and Management

› Reputation Management

› Crisis Management

› Social Responsibility Management

› Internal Communication

› Coordination and Implementation of International Communication Strategies

› Media Relations

› Online Relations

› Monitoring

› Research

› Training

› Media Training

› Content Management

› Creation, promotion and management of websites and social networks


Advice on matters and operations related to financial markets. Focus on relationships with key stakeholders.

› Advice on Market Relations

› Competition Analysis

› Research

› Crisis Management

› Shareholder Advisory

› Partnership Analysis

› Business Communication Plan

› Internal Communication

› Media Relations

› Advice on various operations

  • Public Offers for Sale/Privatisations
  • Capital Increases
  • Debt Issues
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Services to directors, institutions and bodies of central, regional and local administration: tourism regions, regional governments, associations of municipalities, municipalities and civil society organisations.

› Political Communication and Marketing

› Content Production

› Crisis Communication

› Project Management of Editions and Publications

› Creation, Promotion and Management of Websites and Social Networks


Protection and defence of reputation in the most difficult moments. Minimisation of negative impact on customers' image. Strategic thinking based on the relationship with stakeholders and the media. Design of strategies, plans and monitoring systems in the context of global and integrated communication.

› Audit

› Crisis Management

› Media Training

› Reputational Recovery


Customised digital marketing solutions that combine digital channels to boost awareness, reputation and business.

› Social Network Management

› Insights and Data Analysis

› Influence Marketing

› Crisis Management 4.0

› Content Production

› Web Design

› SEO and SEM – Website optimisation and Google Ads campaign management

› Email Marketing

public affairs

Management of regulatory and policy risks. Building of ethical, transparent and positive relationships with local, regional, national and supranational decision-makers.

› Trade and Competition

› European Affairs

› Financial Regulation

› Government Relations

› Opinion Building

› Policy Monitoring

› Regulation

› Risk and Opportunity Management

content marketing

Editorial concepts adjusted to communication needs. Structuring, creation and design of contents. Paging, proofreading, production and distribution of publications.

› Reports and Accounts

› Newspapers

› Newsletters

› Leaflets

› Brochures

› Specialised Magazines

› Local Newspapers

› Product Catalogues

› Guides


Creation of unique visual concepts that allow to enhance brand communication, reaching and influencing different audiences.

› Branding

› Editorial Design

› Motion Design

› UI/UX Development

› Product Design

› Corporate Identity

› Communication and Advertising Campaigns


Organisation of congresses, conferences, presentations, product launches, fairs, exhibitions, stands, openings, promotional meetings.

› Communication Strategy

› Budget and Planning

› Integrated Event Management

› Graphic Design

› Graphic Production

› Selection of Spaces

› Decoration

› Stage Scenography

› Audiovisual Production / Equipment

› Digital Accreditation

› Catering and Hostess Service

› Photographic and Audiovisual Coverage

› Website and Content Management

› Show Production

› Entertaining Programmes

› Transport Services

Digital Events.

› Creation of Websites and Microsites for Events

› Online Subscription Platforms (with or without payment)

› Online General Meetings, with legal validity

› Direct Streaming of Events (Live Streaming)

› Online Courses (remote speakers)

› Physical and Virtual Scenarios (studios or locations to be selected by the customer)

› Simultaneous Interpreting and Sign Language

› Motion Graphics / Graphic Animations

› Event Recordings / Video Editing